Hello, Here is ECO-RACING.NODE

Future. Centralistic world.
The government is in control of everything.

All data is collected and monitored.
Even economic activities are carried out only under the government's designation.
It's been a long time since even the currency disappeared.

Food, clothing, shelter, means of transportation, telecommunications and jobs.
Nothing is self-sufficiency prohibited and individual rights cannot be exercised
Someone. The world is dystopia.
One must flee this world.
Someone had a dream.
Freedom. Another multiverse with it. There is a key to open it.
One will go to the decentralized universe.
I'll be a rock star there.

Need a car first.
A car out of central control
One makes cars. To leave to find the key.

Tightening the wrench, one hummed a song.
Someday my guitar will make a vroom sound.

Our team

Let me introduce you to the higgledy-piggledy team. Enter the discode now to meet the delightful teams of E-RACING.NODE.

  • sun
    • SUN

    • - Rock star
  • mercury

    • - Director. OC
  • venus
    • VENUS

    • - Platform. Dev
  • earth
    • EARTH

    • - Product Manager. Operator
  • mars
    • Mars

    • - Product Manager.
  • jupiter

    • - App. back-end. Dev
  • saturn
    • SATURN

    • - Growth Marketing. Operator
  • uranus
    • URANUS

    • - NFT. back-end. Dev
  • neptune

    • - Platform Server. Front-end. Dev
  • moon
    • MOON

    • - CX/CS Operator